Success Stories

After a long drawn out grievance between two staff I knew I needed some support. Thilan was amazing. She has a warm calming personality that set the scene for staff who were already in a state of anxiety to quickly trust her.

Thilan spent time with individual staff and then mediated between the staff who had the conflict. Her knowledge of conflict resolution was outstanding and led to both parties being fully listened to, given opportunities to state their issues in a safe environment and make rules for working together in the future.

With the Principal’s role becoming more and more demanding and the complex nature of working with people, I found Thilan’s work at our site to be invaluable. So much so we invited her back the following year.

This year Thilan spoke with groups and individuals and conducted a wellbeing audit. We had experienced some hard times in term 1 and 2 and this had affected staff morale. Thilan put together a comprehensive, confidential report for our leadership team to plan alongside Thilan for next steps. This was a thorough and highly effective process which led to clear next steps for improved wellbeing and whole site norms for our work together.

Thilan facilitated some sessions at staff meeting for both SSO’s and teaching staff and then a whole group workshop.
At our end of year review process staff consistently highlighted the difference in whole staff morale and wellbeing due to the work Thilan has done with us.

Thilan is an experienced practitioner that has really made a difference to how staff work together, look after themselves and each other. We will continue to work with Thilan into the future.

I can highly recommend Thilan to any school environment.

I agreed to take part in Mediation as part of a proposed solution to work conflict. I was nervous and hesitant, not knowing if the mediation process would be unbiased and non-judgemental or whether I would feel obliged to accept more from the process than I wanted to. However, I worried needlessly, from the initial contact by phone, Thilan put my mind at rest and reassured me so that I felt I would be heard and supported throughout this difficult process.

Having met Thilan I was struck by how easily she was able to establish a rapport with me, how much time she allowed for the process and how I felt she had listened and understood my concerns and misgivings regarding my work environment, including the reasons, I had got as far as being apart of mediation. Thilan’s style of working made me feel supported yet at the same time I understood this one part of a two-way process. I felt Thilan was exceptionally competent, empathic and had a wide understanding and knowledge of the Human Resource field. It was a pleasure to work with Thilan, who I found funny and engaging. I would not hesitate to recommending her services.

In my many and varied contacts with Thilan I have found her to be warm, engaging and totally professional. Her vast experience and range of skills has enabled her to work successfully through and resolve conflict situations where others were not successful. I have observed her work successfully in the role of mediator as well as trainer and she is now my go-to-person when I need someone in these roles.

Education Director

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