When conflict takes over a team or organisation it affects everyone. Morale drops to an all-time low, people become stressed and demotivated, staff take frequent ‘sickies’ and high achievers leave altogether.

As a leader you need to know when to seek help and have the guts to call in an independent mediator. Why?

  •  Firstly, for all the “good hard-working” people in your team.
  • Secondly for the people in conflict who haven’t got a clue how to get out of conflict and deserve help.
  • Thirdly, for yourself. Conflict takes often too much out of leaders who already have got a lot on their plate.

Through the process mediation I’ll help people to:


  • Identify the roots of their conflict
  • Understand themselves and others better
  • Have open and honest conversations to clarify issues
  • Find ways and strategies to move forward – whether it is two people, a team or an entire organization.

As a mediator I support all the people in the mediation and give them individual guidance every step of the way. Call me weird but I love helping people unravel their conflict and finding ways to move forward. So, let me do what I am good at so you can go back to your responsibilities. Your team will thank you for it! Watch this video about how I work as a mediator.


As a leader you are performing complicated acrobatic acts while trying to keep all the balls up in the air. Being a leader is a wonderful position but at times it is bloody hard. You need to have the courage to take difficult decisions that won’t please everyone. You need to take care of your people while keeping your vision in mind and not be distracted. It can be lonely at the top. And then you come home and need to deal with the demands of your loved ones as well.

 In our 1:1 coaching sessions, I’ll help you to:

  • Get clarity on the precise outcomes you want for our coaching sessions
  • Identify your values, strengths, weaknesses and untapped potential
  • Develop and implement strategies specific to your needs (no generic coaching here!)
  • Polish and develop skills for long term personal and leadership growth.

As a coach I believe that we can find all the answers we need inside ourselves and I love giving you guidance and support every step of your amazing coaching journey. Allow yourself the some call it luxury I call it necessity of a personal coach to help you unlock your potential. By the way, I also coach (leadership) teams.


It’s no secret that there is training and there’s training. I bet you have better things to do than to spend precious time away from the office in a stuffy room while trying to listen to a lame humourless presenter who thinks he or she is the centre of the universe.

So, I do things different: I took a vow long time ago to never deliver a boring presentation in my life.

In my training:

  •  We’ll do entertaining and valuable exercises to implement new knowledge
  • I’ll spice things up with some of my court and war zone stories
  • I’ll try to connect with everyone in the room and encourage them to share experiences, wisdom, and insights 
  • I’ll adjust the training to people’s needs on the spot (I never use a script; I am not a robot)

It’ll be a training you won’t easily forget, I promise. So why not give yourself or your staff the exciting opportunity to learn about (and practise) topics like difficult conversations, conflict resolution, team building, resilience, mediation, emotionally intelligent and other important leadership skills

If you are interested in my high-in-demand online courses; click here.

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