Online Courses

The Language of Leadership

The Language of Leadership is a six week online course that comes with a Live, in-person workshop and a 1”1 power coaching session, a private community of school leaders and monthly Q&A sessions to ensure real transformation for school leaders. This one-of-a-kind program is based in years of training and coaching in the education sector and is designed to help you regain your confidence in your communication and conflict management skills and improve your relationship with your team, your staff and your community of parents so you can be a leader who is loved, admired and looked up to.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Teachers

Conflict Resolution Skills for Teachers is an online course that consists of 11 video modules and numerous pdf training materials such as a conflict mapping exercise, a conflict style test as well as communication cheat sheets and checklists. It is based on a proven formula perfected throughout years of training in the education sector and founded on the requirements of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. This course is designed to help teachers improve their capacity to efficiently resolve conflicts with colleagues, parents and students in the hectic dynamics of a school environment.

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