Throughout my career I have had a variety of leadership positions. So, I am well aware of the struggles and challenges that leaders face. There’s only 24 hours in each day, budgets seem to shrink all the time, deadlines are tighter than ever and there are many stakeholders to please. On top of all that, having to deal with your people and their inter-personal issues can be exhausting. Not to mention dealing with difficult or under-performing staff. That being said, nothing is more rewarding than building a great team that exists of people who are given the space to exceed and do wonderful things. Great teams are always based on trust, great communication and co-operation and are guided by an authentic leader focused on personal growth.


“How do you pronounce your name?” is a question I get all the time. My answer: “I listen to anything that vaguely resembles it.” (It is Tee-lan by the way) My name is unique and it suits me: Thilan is Korean; Legierse is French; I am originally Dutch, married to a Scotsman; and I live in Australia.

Having worked for the United Nations in countries like Switzerland, Cambodia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, and the Netherlands, I feel like a fish in global waters (as long as I have access to Dutch liquorice from time to time).


I believe the world would be a better place if we would all communicate better and learn to resolve conflict in a healthy way and collaborate to create and do amazing things. Then add after the two existing sentences a third sentence which reads: I love working with teams; a team is much more than the sum of all its’ individual members. If a team works a special energy is created that take all to a different level where great stuff happens.

I love helping leaders connect with their people, influence them, create trust, have authentic relationships and build thriving teams.

I only want to work with leaders and people who have the desire to grow as a human being and make the best out of their and other people’s lives.


My passion for all things communication is a direct result of my career in which I worked as a barrister, a UN lawyer (working in (post) war zones in Cambodia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and on the international war crimes tribunal in The Hague) a human resources manager, and now as an
accredited mediator, coach, and trainer.

My professional experience has given me the opportunity to practise and master my communication skills to the max.

I presented cases before the Supreme Court, negotiated with army commanders (including war criminals), prosecuted war crimes, monitored prison conditions in multiple countries, investigated serious human rights violations, adjudicated staff misconduct, mediated many conflicts, trained over a thousand people and coached many others.

Throughout my career I have learned to quickly build trust, influence others, communicate with ease, negotiate like a pro and deal with interpersonal conflict. I often had to step out of my comfort zone, overcome challenges, learn from my mistakes, build bridges, have courageous conversations and set professional boundaries while motivating my team members and help them get the best out of themselves and the team.

I am the founder of Win-Win Matters ( a consultancy firm) and the author of the best-selling book “Dealing with Conflict at Work: Eight Keys to Communicate with Colleagues Who Drive You Nuts”. (LINK TO AMAZON)


I am also a mother of two (most of the time) wonderful and bright daughters who keep me grounded, help me fine-tune my own communication skills and make me reflect on my own behaviour every day. I am also a board member of the Australian Red Cross SA which keeps me connected to my passion for global humanitarian work.

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