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When conflict takes over a team, organisation or community it affects everyone, not just the parties involved. As a leader you know that conflict won’t magically disappear and ignoring, or dealing with conflict inefficiently, makes things worse. Morale drops to an all-time low, people become stressed and demotivated, they call in sick and high achievers walk away. As a leader you need to know when to seek help. When conflict is taking over, or if certain individuals hijack the rest, you need to have the guts to call in an independent mediator. Why? Firstly, for all the “good hard-working” people in your team. Secondly for the people in conflict as they are so stressed and haven’t got a clue how to get out of it and deserve help. Thirdly, for yourself. Conflict takes often too much out of leaders who already have got loads on their plate. Call me weird but I love helping parties unravel their conflict and finding ways to move forward. So let me do what I am good at so you can go back to your responsibilities. Your team will thank you for it!


As a leader you are performing complicated acrobatic acts while trying to keep all the balls up in the air. Being a leader is a great job but at times it is bloody hard. You need to have the courage to take difficult decisions that won’t please everyone. You need to take care of your people while keeping your vision in mind and not be distracted. Connecting with your people, influencing them, building their trust and buying them into your dreams while leading the way, is not for the weak minded.It can be lonely at the top. And then you come home and need to deal with the demands of your loved ones as well. As a leader being authentic is your greatest strength. Often when working long hours (believe me I have been there) we go an automatic pilot to cope and not get overwhelmed and forget about ourselves. As a coach I love to help you re-align with yourself, your values, your strengths and your weaknesses. I challenge you to not take yourself for granted, to go beyond yourself so you can be the best leader and the best you that you can be. You owe it to yourself!



Nobody is born a brilliant communicator. We all have to learn to master the skills you need to communicate with ease, to deeply connect with people, to persuade and influence them and resolve and transform any conflict you encounter along the way. Unfortunately it’s not something we learn from a young age (don’t get me started) Anyway, it’s no secret that there is training and there’s training. I bet you have better things to do than to spend precious time away from the office in a stuffy room while trying to listen to a lame humourless presenter who thinks he or she is the centre of the universe. So I do things different: I took a vow to never deliver a boring presentation in my life. I make my training as inter-active as possible and tailor it to your needs on the spot. I spice them up with some of my court and war zone stories, I seek connection with all in the room encourage you to share experiences, wisdom and insights. We’ll do some entertaining and valuable exercises to implement your new knowledge. It’ll be a training that you won’t easily forget, I promise.

What People Are Saying

“The way you helped my colleague and me resolve our conflict was phenomenal. All tension is gone and we’re working together again. Thank you so much!”


Project Officer

“You are amazing at what you do. Thank you so much for helping me getting back on track!”



“Your training was one of the best I ever attended. You’re full of energy, funny and shared some great stories. I learned so much about myself and others today and I highly recommend this training to anyone!”




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